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Aerial Silks Circus School


This WELCOME pack is provided for parents to gain a greater understanding of the Prestige Circus & Gymnastics  Recreation programmes and the development of your children through gymnastics  and circus at recreation level.

What to wear:

For the safety of your child and the maintenance of equipment, no buckets, belts, buttons, zips or loose items should be on the gym garments. This is includes watches, fit bits and jewellery.

The best clothing for gymnastics is shorts, t-shirts, bike - shorts, tights and leotards.

Long hair should be tied up into pony-tails as these are better for rolling movements.

Your child’s class: What to expect Before & After Class:

On arrival for the first time you will be greeted by one of our friendly administration team member. Please have your child with their shoes and sock off.

The coach for your session will come to invite the children inside the gym floor. Every child needs to bring a water bottle inside the gym. After the end of the class your children will meet you back in the office area to gather their possessions together.


Please closely supervise your children before and after class. The carpark is busy and we ask that all the children are escorted into the gym facility. If a class is unexpectedly cancelled ( for any reason - although this is rare ) your child could be left waiting for your return if you have not been advised of the situation.

If you are running late and believe the class may have commenced, please open the door at the gym and ask the coach to allow the child to participate the class.

Start of Class:

The first five minutes of class is an active game with the groups all joining in together. These games help prepare the body for activity by increasing the heart rate and getting the blood pumping. After game, all of the groups will participate in a warm up, the coaches will take their groups on their first apparatus.


At any time there can be up to 3 classes in the gym, made up of beginners, intermediate /advanced. You will experience the feeling of the gym being particularly busy

Arrive on Time:

For safety and developmental reasons, all the classes include a warm-up component. Warm-up is a critical part of a gymnastics and circus programme, even for our pre-school classes. It is essential to ensure all participants are physically and mentally prepared for gymnastics and circus activities. Please ensure you on time so your child can get changed, use the toilet etc and be ready to go by the starting time.

No refunds or make-up classes will be offered.

Children with additional needs:

We rely on you to give us as much information as possible about any additional needs your child may have. If your child has learning or developmental delays (physical or intellectual), hearing or visual impairments, sensory conditions, concentration issues or is on the Autism spectrum, please let us know before your child’s first class. We would prefer to have our instructors chat with you and find out as much as possible about your child before your child comes along to class.

We may request, if necessary, parental/caregiver assistance to help your child to get the most out of our classes.

Missed lessons:

Non - attendance of a lesson does not qualify a customer for a refund or credit against fees paid. Your session fee pays for your place in the class for the session, regardless of attendance. Our costs do not change if you miss a class and we are therefore not able to offer a reduction in fees for missed classes. As we keep strict ratios and class sizes, make up lessons are not possible.

Parent involvement ( Toddler classes )

For our Toddler class ( 2 - 3 years old ), an adult is required to accompany each child into the gym and help them participate in the class. For our Pre- school ( 4- 5 years ) parents are not required to come into the class, however we ask that you remain on the office area so you are on hand if your child need to use the toilets and /or needs comforting.

During the Class:

Each week the classes work on all apparatus ( floor, beam , bars, vault, tumble track, trampoline, silk, hoop, trapeze). Preschool work on all the gymnastics apparatus and each week the circus  apparatus rotate so that they will have covered all the apparatus . The tumbling classes work solely on trampoline, tumble track and floor and there is also a strength and conditioning component to the session. For the majority of time your children will be spread out into stations where they will rotate through a circuit. The coach will be stationed at the skill they are focusing on for the day, which will be the most challenging skill in the circuit. This allows the coach to ensure they are spending an even amount of time with each child and that are keeping the kids SAFE. The children take turns and learn to work independently at stations. Our coaches incorporate the three learning modalities into their teaching - auditory, visual and kinaesthetic - for example, listening to the coach, watching a demonstration of the skill and then attempting the skill with the coach assisting.


Parents are welcome to stay and watch the class. We like parents to stay from time to time because you are your child’s biggest fan and they love you to see their new tricks. If you watch every week you are unlikely to observe much change, however by viewing occasionally you will be able to see the major achievements that have been accomplished. Please allow the coaches to make such corrections and behaviour modifications as they see necessary. The children work best if they are not distracted by parents calling out suggestions or instructions from the office area.

End of Class:

Towards the end of class the group may come together and participate in a cool down activity or stay in their groups for their own cool down.

We do not have breaks between classes, however should you have any questions to ask of the coaching team, a coach will be available in the office area to answer these questions.

Medical Conditions:

Please ensure any medical conditions are written on your child’s consent form. Please contact the office prior to the first class to ensure we have all of the information we need to allow your child to participate safely.

If your child has asthma or anaphylaxis they should bring their medication with them to every class. Make sure you or your child collects their medication at the end of the class. Medication should be clearly labelled with your child’s first and last name. If your child uses asthma relieving medication they are required to bring their own spacer along with their medication. If a child known to suffer from asthma or anaphylaxis is dropped off the class without medication, you may be called to come and collect them as for their own safety they may not be admitted to class.


Please ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to class. Toilets are located in the office area. There are separate girls and boys toilets Please do not leave any personal items unattended in the toilet. Prestige Circus & Gymnastics School is not liable for any stolen property on these premises.

Registration and Payments


To book any of our classes please visit our website - look under the Online Registration option or Summer Camps and choose the desire program. Register and choose you class day and time. By registering you will have access to your child’s club portal, enabling you to check on class details, the current status of your invoice payments, keep your personal contact information up to date and MOST IMPORTANTLY inform us of any medical condition so we have the relevant information.


The School has ONLINE PAYMENT set up on the website for your ease of payment.

Should you need to pay by cash or cheque  please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible

Should you need to discuss fee payment please do not hesitate to contact the office.

All session/class fees must be paid by the due date on the invoice and/or before classes

In case there’s an outbreak and we need to close, a credit or make up classes options will automatically be applied to your file for classes that will be missed (no refunds)  

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