Tumbling is the execution of acrobatic movements such as rolls, twists, handsprings, or somersaults on floor mats or on the ground. Unlike most other disciplines in gymnastics, tumbling does not involve the use of apparatuses.

Pre-School Beginners 4-5 years old

  • In this class the participants will learn the fundamental tumbling skills like: cartwheel, bridge, handstand 

Walkovers   6 years old and Up

  • In this class participants will learn : front walkover, back walkover, round off, cartwheel one arm and more. To register in this class required skill need it.

Side & Front Aerials  6 years old and Up

  • In this class participants will learn : Side & Front Aerials To register on this class required skill need it.

Handsprings & Flips  6 years old and Up

  • In this class participants will learn: back handspring, back handspring step out, Onodi handspring, back tuck, back lay out, back layout step out and more. To register on this class required skill need it.

Tumbling Program

Members Tumbling Program
    • Circus & Gymnastics Insurance Annual Non Refundable membership fee of $35.00 applicable to all new registration, valid till June 30th. of each year
    •  Payment is by Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Cheque  to “Prestige Gymnastics School”
    •  $50.00 charge for NSF
    • Online purchases are subject to a $10.00 administration fee.
    • All applicable fees are included in listed prices and subject of HST.
    •  Elite, Advanced, Intermediate Classes instalment payments available when register in more then one class, please asked the office for details.
    •  Once Registered for our Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Circus & Gymnastics classes, no refund will be issued 
    • Once Registered for PA. Day, March Break or Summer Camp no refund will be issued 
    • Any cancellation due to medical issues that occur during  Circus,Gymnastics, Tumbling  training  in our facility  will receive a program credit valid for 12 months. Original Doctor’s note stating the child’s inability to participate in circus & gymnastics activities.
    • A $50.00 Non Refundable Administration Fee is charge for refunds
    • Prestige Circus & Gymnastics  School reserve the right to cancel a class or to suggest different times of training due to low enrolment
    • There will not be make up classes due to absence or inclement weather
    • For any changes of the classes $ 50.00 administration fee will apply.
    • If more then one Tax Receipt is required a $5.00 administration fee is applicable.

     In case there’s an outbreak and we need to close, a credit will automatically be applied to your  file for classes that will be missed (no refunds)    

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